Year unknown

This photo was taken at Park Royal (the Guinness Brewery in London).

The visit was arranged for all those Guinness Hop Farm workers who had not visited Park Royal before.

Back Row: Frank Macey, Ernie Meopham, David Lawrence, Peter Parsons, Ernie Jones, Mick Hall, Basil Bambridge, Tom Weeks, David Blanch, Charlie Weller

Third Row: Don Foster, Mick Rummery, ? Wells, Percy Webb, Fred Barnett, Edwin Willard, ?, Bob Larkin, Ken Marsh, ?, Lou Wilson, David Birch

Second Row: Stuart Foster, John Hook, Ron Weeks, ?, Rick Sellens, Gordon Marsh, Nigel Hook, Bill Russell, Mick Isted, ? Wells, Simon ?

Front Row: Harold Watson, Tim Bateup, Jim Epps, Peter Weddle, Park Royal Person, Park Royal Person, Mr Roberts, Tom Macey, Geoff Barden, Alf Hurley

Photo courtesy of Martyn Lawrence

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