If I remember correctly, this photo was taken at Burwash Weald at a District day camp.   I can remember that there were a lot of other cub packs there.  We each our own area in the field where we pitched a base tent.  We had a camp fire on which we attempted to cook sausages and beans.  There were various competitions on which we were marked and it finished with tracking through the woods.  I don't think we won anything but I stand to be corrected.


Back row from left to right: Martin Knapp, Christopher Trussler, Jonathan Burgess, Clifford Ennis, Keith Ennis, Stephen Foster ?, Tony Trussler.

Kneeling from left to right: Nigel Hook, Robert Clout, John Barnett, Chris Lawrence, Peter Kingshott.

Photo courtesy of Mary Ennis

Bodiam Scouts

This photo has been supplied by Anthony Breeds who took the photo.
He has had a go at putting names to faces and I have assisted.
We can spot  David Clout, Peter Barnett, Peter Kingshott (I think but cannot be sure), Chris Trussler and Christopher Breeds.
I am almost certain the Scoutnaster in the centre is Doug Hopkins.
Can anyone help with other names?

Scouts on the move

This photo has also been supplied by Anthony Breeds
He gives the following commentary "The second photo shows the transport we used (for scouts and tents etc.) for a scout camp in the Summer of 1962 (I think) on a farm at Pett. We had a different Scout Master (a Scot who insisted on lots of salt in the porridge) and Mervyn Pelling the Troop Leader at the time, took a shot gun with him to shoot rabbits for the pot."