Year unknown

This photograph came from Martyn Lawrence.  John Burgess who is present has told me that this was a lunch at Park Royal.

He has identified the following people.

Upright of the "E": from left to right: Ern Seeley, Norman Laslett (Teynham), Roger Bridges (Manager Braces Leigh), Dr T C M Carroll (Chairman of GHF Board),   (Bodiam), Hugh RobertsLawrence Hampton (Raw Materials at Park Royal), Jim Trussler (Bodiam), Albert Weddle (Bodiam).

Top of "E" left to right: Alan Karn (Bodiam), Gilbert Garrett (Bodiam).

Middle of "E" from left to right: Martin Schofield (Park Royal, Hop Intake), Bob Butt (Bodiam - Recorder)

Bottom of "E" from left to right: John Wilkinson (MD of GHF), Rex Boucher (Teynham), John Burgess (Bodiam), Unknown (Park Royal)

Photo courtesy of Martyn Lawrence

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