Bodiam Memories

I have been thinking about introducing a page of Bodiam Memories for sometime now, as pictures can only reveal a snap shot in time.  Many people have recollections of Bodiam from their younger days or childhood and these recollections help to fill in the gaps that the photos show.  Luckily for me, some people have already written of their memories and have kindly passed them to me so I can share them with you.

The following memories will open in a new page:-

Phil Armitage - The Engineer,  Memories by Mike Armitage

Memories of Hop Picking by Betty Lawrence

Memories of Hop Picking 1955 - Pat Doyle

Mike Shade - Bodiam Hill Climb Competitor 1963

Albert Soden - Hop Picking at Udiam

Ralph Salter - Memories of Hop Picking at Bodiam

Paul Saville - Memories of Bodiam as a Student

Val Relfe - Memories of Bodiam Post Office

Geoff Sutton - Memories of New House 2 Oast at Bodiam

Memories of Hop Picking at Park Farm, Bodiam - Brian Noakes. Karen Levett and Mike Redfern

Charlotte Beal - Memories of Hop Training

Penny Philcox - Philcox and Sons working at Guinness Hop Farms