I'm a bit flaky on this and am relying on memory so if I get anything wrong, please correct me.

Every year on Shrove Tuesday there was a pancake race held in Bodiam and North Somercotes over the same length of course and the winning time won the Cup for that village.

Here are some photos of interest.

This photo was supplied by Lettie Foster.

From left to right: Mrs Dann, Mrs Seymour (who was Mrs Dann's mother), Lettie Foster with Stephen in her arms,
Doris Godden with her daughter Christine, Florrie Barnes (who lived at 2 Knowle Hill Cotts) and Ada Catt.

This photo was taken in front of Knowle Hill Cottages which are at the top of Bodiam Hill opposite the Sandhurst Road.

This photo was supplied by Martyn Lawrence and is called "The Officials at Bodiam Pancake Race"  I don't know the year but would think it is around 1970.

I think I can name most of the people here.

From left to right they are: Jim Trussler, Gilbert Garrett, Peter Knapp, Albert Weddle, The Vicar of Salehurst (and Bodiam) (I think his name was Steadman), John Burgess and "Robbie" Robinson.

Here is an extract from Guinness Time of Spring 1959.  This photo was taken in Levetts Lane.

Mrs Dann is on the left, next is Sheila Weddle, I cannot identify the next person, Mrs Weeks, Mrs Foster and the pancake obscures the person on the right.

Can anyone help me with the unknown people?

Pancake Race

Pancake Race

Photo from the Weddle Family Album

These two photos appear to be from the same year and show the contestants at the start and the winner "breaking the tape".

I need a lot of help identifying the field for this race.  Lettie Foster is on the far left but I am struggling to name some of the other ladies.  I think there maybe another Foster, a Weekes and a Baitup.  On the far right is Sheila Weddle and Mrs Dann.  The "starter" reading out the instructions and holding what looks like a gun (but it's probably a stick) is, I think, Hugh Roberts.

The second photo shows Sheila Weddle "breaking the tape" to win the race.  I can't identify any of the spectators but the chap holding the tape looks like he could be a Brabon.

Pancake Race

Pancake Race

Photo from the Weddle Family Album

These two photos appear to be from the same year.  The number of contestants appears fewer, as do the number of spectators.  The first photo is an action shot of Sheila Weddle heading the field.  The second photo appears to be of the Vicar of Salehurst congratulating Sheila on winning.  The lady between the Vicar and Sheila Weddle is the District Nurse, Nina.  Can anyone help with her last name or the other people in the photos?

Another Pancake Race photo (this time supplied by Alan Karn)

Competitors from left to right: ?, ?, Mrs Dann, Sheila Weddle, ?, Mrs Foster, Mrs Weekes, Mrs Saxby, Lettie Foster, ?

Does anyone know the year?

Can anyone help with the missing competitors names?