Bodiam Angling Club

Early 1950s

Photo from the Elsam collection

From left to right: - Fred Carey, ?, John Brown, Eva Maud Elsam, Richard Elsam, Colin Suggett, ?.

Early 1950s

Photo from the Catt collection
From left to right: - ?, Fred Carey, ?, Richard Elsam, Colin Suggett, ?, Tim Batehup, Edward Catt, ?.

Early 1950s

Photo from the Catt collection

Edward Catt being presented with Angling Cup by Mrs Elsam


Photo from the Catt collection

Edward Catt (left) and Bob Godsmith at Angling Club event 1953

Photo from the Elsam collection

Eva Maud Elsam making a presentation to a young boy being watched by John Brown and Richard Elsam (far right)

Photo from the Catt collection

Bodiam Angling Club Outing early 1950's

(and the reverse of the photo)

This press cutting is from the Sussex Express dated 27 July 1951.

The report does not mention that it was during an angling competition between Guinness employees at Bodiam and visitors from Park Royal Brewery.

Julie Dowsing has given me the following comments after talking to her father, Edward Catt.

"Dad, Bob Goldsmith, Jill Carey (& another he cannot recall, plus these others in the report) were all under and around an old oak near Udiam weir, fishing, its roots were huge and gnarled, twisted and shaped like an armchair on the bank.
When a storm began brewing, they left for shelter in the Oast building advising the others mentioned in this report to do so as the tree was often struck in storms and to make matters worse had all the anchor wires from the hop field attached to it.
Sadly they did not listen and the consequence is documented above.
There had been a big dinner planned in the pub that night, but of course it was cancelled. The incident has always stayed vividly in dad's memory."