Bodiam Football Club

This photo has been supplied by Joe Duggan who is in the photo.
He thinks the cups are for winning the League and the Cup.
We are having some problems putting names to faces in the back row.

We think:
Back Row: Hans ? (ex POW), Don't know the next three, John Derry (sec), Joe Duggan, Bill Dawson
Front Row: Hugh Roberts, Johnnie Hook, Dave Hambrook, Peter Knapp, Ronnie Weeks, Ian Morfey, Ernie Goodsell

This photo has been supplied by Joe Duggan.
These are the same cups as in the photo above so Joe thinks it might have been taken at a presentation evening.
He can remember a celebration at the Robin Hood at Icklesham but is not sure if this is where it was taken.

From left to right: Don't know, Johnnie Hook, Joe Duggan, Don't know, Hugh Roberts, Ronnie Weeks, Peter Parsons (almost hidden), Dave Hambrook, John Derry,
Frank Jarvis, Bill Dawson, Peter Knapp, Hans ??, Ernie Goodsell (partial view).

From Guinness Time Winter 1960