Bodiam Football Club

This page contains all the photos I cannot put a date to.

From Left to Right: Back Row - David Blanch, ?, ?, John Ades, Norman Clout
Front Row - Percy Webb, ?, Bill Dawson, ?, Peter Knapp

Photo supplied by John Ades

From Left to Right: Back Row - ?, ?, Bill Dawson, ?, Norman Clout, ?
Front Row - John Ades, Ernie Mann, John Dawson, ?, ?

Photo supplied by John Ades


This photo was supplied to me by Vera Sims.

Back Row Left to Right: Stuart Hemsley, David Thorpe, Michael Weeks, ?, Robert Bishop, Reg Sherwood
Front Row Left to Right: Reg Dawson, Ken Simmons, Bill Peters (with ball), Brian Watman, Alfred Hammond

As Reg Sherwood and Alfred Hammond were from Hurst Green it could have been a joint team.
We know from the Cub pages that Bodiam and Hurst Green packs went on joint outings.  Was this a joint football team?