From the large collection of photographs held by Caroline Elsam I selected as many as I could with a Bodiam connection.

Where applicable I have put them on a page where they fit the subject.

However, there are several that do not fit a particular subject or are just interesting photos.

These are displayed below, with details where available.

Scroll down as there are several photos

A somewhat torn photo but does show the subject.

The back of the photo says "Robertsbridge - Judging the Hands - Mr A Elsam measuring the Hands of Competing Heavy Horses"

A thick card showing a man with a shire horse.

This is the reverse of the above photo.  Interesting for the local photographer.

From left to right: Bob Allen, Frederick Lawrence and Mr Webb (father of Percy Webb)

Thank you to Doreen Grummitt for identifying all three men.  Does anyone know Mr Webb's first name?

Two men on horses with dogs.

Caroline knew the man on the left as Mr "Will".  On the right is Richard Elsam.  One of the dogs is sure to be called Jim.

Robert Elsam thinks that Mr "Will" was Will Osborne who worked in the offices at Ockham.

I was told that this was a cottage at New House Farm but recent correspondence from Julie Dowsing and her father, Edward Catt suggests this is the cottage at Bodiam Castle. I tend to agree.  Any opinions?

Mary Elsam (left) in the Castle Inn (Hotel) gardenMary Elsam (left) in the Castle Inn (Hotel) garden

Children playing in the Castle Inn (Hotel) garden

I found the following two photos interesting but Caroline was not sure whether they were from a Bodiam School

Mary Elsam is second from the left

Mary Elsam is third from the right

The Elsam Dynasty, probably taken at Ockham Farm in the 1890s.

Arthur Elsam, Mary Ann Dee Partridge, wife of Richard Robert Elsam

I just liked this picture of a carthorse - it's name was either Turpin or Trooper.

Probably the horse above.  Edward Catt has identified Charlie Hayward as the carter and suggests the boy may be Alan Lawrence.

A Hay Tea Party in the Hogbrook, Park Farm

Quite an old photo given the dress of those in the photo

Unknown man and child with car