Geoff Sutton's New House Farm Photos

On the New House Oast page there are various photos of the Oast.

Geoff was a student and helped at hop picking, firstly in the hop picking machine and then in the Oast.

I have used Geoff's notes on the back of each photo to describe them.

His memories of this can be found here.

Mark Saville and Dick Jowett at N.H. 2 Oast
Hop picking Sept 1957

M.6 Machine Shed (foreman R Murdoch)
Hop picking Sept 1957

Bunny (Raymond) Lawrence + Fergie at N. H. 2
Hop picking Sept 1957

Mark Saville, Geoff Sutton and Bill Goodsell
Hop Picking Sept 1957

Bill Goodsell at N. H. 2
Hop picking Sept 1957

Lorry crew, Norman + Simon loading pockets
Hop picking Sept 1957

Mark, Peter, Simon, Dick, Mess Room No. 2 N.H. 2 Oast
Hop picking Sept 1957
[Comment from Geoff -
I only put the blurry one of the mess in because it captures the subjects’ mental state quite perfectly!]

N. H. 2, Mess No. 2 - Comatose inmates - Mark, Brian, ?
Hop picking Sept 1958

N. H. 2 Crew Sept 1958

Back (L to R)   J Bailey, Edgar (Smith), ?, Tony, Froggy
Betwixt & Between (L to R)  Brian, Frank, Fred (Carey), Tim (Baitup), Geoff Sutton
Front (L to R)  Mark (Saville), Norman, Denis Breeds, Ted, Bill

Dick Jowett and Geoff Sutton