Bodiam Home Guard or Bodiam Auxillary Unit Patrol

Year about 1940?

From left to right: ?, Lou Osborn, Frank Jarvis, Ernie Goodsell, Charles Simmons, Bill Sands, ? Brabon.

This photo may be of the Bodiam Auxillary Unit Patrol.
Auxiliary Units were a secret resistance network of highly trained volunteers prepared to be Britain's last ditch line of defence during World War Two.
They operated in a network of cells from hidden underground bases around the UK

The British Resistance Archive have named the following members who they think could be in this photo.  Their names are:

Sergeant Sydney J Brabon of Udiam
Arthur Brabon Udiam Farm
Ernest W A Goodsell of Bodiam.
Frank W Jarvis of Udiam Farm
Louis Osborne of Ewhurst
W Charles Simmons of Ewhurst

They also have recorded the following names who they believe to have been members.  They are:

Jack Shoobridge of Bodiam.
S G Barber of Bodiam.
E D Smith of Hurst Green
W W Ensum of Hurst Green

More details of the Brittish Resistance Archive on the Bodiam Auxillary Unit Patrol can be found at

Photo courtesy of Vera Sims

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