Jeffery Hop Picking Photos

The Jeffery family spent many happy seasons picking hops at Park Farm for Guinness Hop Farms in the 1950's until the their last season in, they believe, 1961.
They were in hut 114 & 116.  Their neighbours at 115 were Mrs Tappin & her daughter Emily. They believe Mrs Jane Wells
stayed @ 117 of whom they have fond memories as well as her family.

All the photographs have been supplied by Patrick Jeffery.

This is Patrick's Grandfather, Harry Lamb & his aunt Rose (Lamb) who often picked with them at Park Farm.

From left to right: Janet Weller, my late brother Michael & me (Patrick Jeffery).

Michael is holding Mick the Cat, great aunt Jane's cat who always accompanied us.

Taken on Park Farm Common circa 1952 before the camp was modernised.
Many slept under canvas then & the common was criss -crossed by ditches before land drains were laid.

Patrick's great aunt, Jane Weller, who was the matriarch of our family. Taken he believes, circa 1952.

This is taken Hut 114 at the gate to Maple...
In the frame are Patrick's dear mum Clara, brother Michael, aunt Rose (Lamb) and paternal grandmother Ada Jeffery. He believes this is circa 1956.

Clara Jeffery with her sons Michael (on the left) and Patrick on the right.

This photo is thought to be about 1957 on Park Farm.  Ada Jeffery is on the left, Michael Jeffery on the right, with Sheila Jeffery being held by her mother, Clara Jeffery.  
Patrick Jeffery is standing bare chested to the rear.

This photo taken about 1958 shows Patrick's father, Ralph Jeffery picking hops with his son Michael.