Levetts Lane Photos

Levetts Lane swings

The swings in the playground at Levetts Lane.  The playground has now been built on.

From left to right (I think)  Paul Barnett, David Barnett, John Barnett, Martyn Lawrence, unknown girl (possibly Rosemary or Penny Barnett) and Tony Trussler.

Playing Farmyards

This photo was taken in the garden of 24 Levetts Lane.

From left to right: Keith Ennis, Ross Ennis and Martyn Lawrence

As I recall, I used to spend a lot of time with Martyn playing with toy farm machinery.

Return of the fisherman

This photo is of me (Keith Ennis) coming home from a fishing trip, probably to Bodiam Castle moat.

The photo was taken in Levetts Lane on the corner by No. 24 and 25.

Snow clearing

This photo is of Ross, Clifford and Keith Ennis clearing snow in Levetts Lane.

Another photo from the Weddle Family Album. 
Linda Moore (nee Lawrence) has identified the occasion, herself and most of the people.
This was taken at Barbara Weddle's birthday party.
From left to right
Back Row: Linda Lawrence, Stuart Foster, Geoffery Goodsell, Susan Dawson
Front Row: Amanda Lawrence, Richard Weddle?, Christopher Trussler, Jennifer Hillier, Barbara Weddle, Unknown Girl.

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