New House Farmhouse

As regular readers of this site will know, I have recently been in contact with Caroline Elsam who lived at New House Farmhouse.

A little bit of background on the Elsam family shows that Arthur Elsam was a tennant of New House Farm until 1917 when he bought the farm at the disposal of the Bodiam Castle Estate.

In 1936 New House Farm was sold to Guinness with Richard and Mary Elsam having annual tenancy agreements and Mary continuing to live in New House Farmhouse.

In 1940 Guinness took over the running of New House Farm and employed Richard Elsam as a farm bailiff under the general direction of the Farm Manager.

Richard Elsam resigned in July 1953 to go farming on his own account in Burwash.

The following photos are of New House farmhouse and it's immediate surrounds.  All photos have been sourced from the Elsam Collection.

Haystack in front of the New House Farm Old Oast

Horse Ploughing in front of New House Farmhouse

New House Farmhouse with the oast in the background.
Frank Piper is mowing the lawn.

New House Farmhouse with a lady with a pram

New House Farmhouse with the Oast in the background

New House Farmhouse from the rear

Richard Elsam on a horse in front of New House Farmhouse