This photo was taken at Tractorfest 2019.

Jonathan Playfoot asks if anyone remembers Mick Nicolas, an Agricultural Contractor from Salehurst.  Jonathan says -

"In the late 60s, early 70s, I would spend all weekend with one of my dad’s best mates.  He had the job of ploughing all the fields around Bodiam Castle as he was an Agricultural Contractor.  His name was Mick Nicolas (Icklevitch) from Salehurst and had a big Alsatian dog called Guinness that never left his side.  He hired a large Blue 4 wheel drive tractor that had big wheels all round called a Northrop (looked like a Ford 5000) and pulled a 4 furrow blue plough, This size tractor was very unusual at the time. 

I was hoping that someone took a photo of him in his tractor or of the tractor on its own at the time as I would love a copy of any pictures to add to my collection and for my memories. 

The photo of a Northrop at Tractorfest 2019 above could be the tractor as this is owned by the Douglas family from Tenterden who Icklevitch hired his from.  This is one of two that they had at the time and I understand the other was scrapped."

Further photos of a Northrop Tractor can be found by doing an internet image search.