The following photos have been supplied from the Elsam Photo Collection.  

Richard Elsam, who lived at New House Farm was master of the Rother Valley Harriers.  

There are several photos so please scroll down the page.

You will note from the photos there are two types of hunt, mounted and on foot.

When on foot, the members of the hunt wear white shorts and long black socks.

Rother Valley Harriers at Bodiam Castle

(I like the hunt followers to the left)

Hound van

Horses on the Green at Bodiam

Rother Valley Harriers outside the Castle Inn

Another meet of the Rother Valley Harriers at the Castle Inn

The Rother Valley Harriers departing the Castle Inn along the New House Road

Richard Elsam leading the Rother Valley Harriers at an unknown location

Arthur and Richard Elsam with the hounds

Rother Valley Harriers at a meet.  Robert Elsam thinks this was at Beachy Head.

Richard Elsam is centre left on horse, 2nd right is John Papillon and far right is N B Smiley of Guinness Hop Farms

A Christmas card  from Eve and Richard Elsam

This is outside the Junction Inn (now the Curlew) about 1949/50.

Richard Elsam centre right next to Caroline Elsam (Mop) on the grey pony.

Richard Elsam with Rother Valley Harriers

Hunting on foot.

Frank Piper is second left.

November 1928October 1929December 1929