Castle Inn Poster

Poster supplied by John Brimm.

He has given the following observations

 "The attached leaflet is self explanatory and dates from about 1912, I think.
Notice there is no telephone number, so all advance bookings were made by telegram, brought to the Hotel by horse from the Post Office at

A photo from a 1948 edition of Guinness Time


 The four pages above are an article about the Castle Inn, Bodiam which appeared in Guinness Time
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This photo is from Martyn Lawrence.  It is taken in the Castle Inn and shows a pile of coins being knocked down for collection.  Martyn's interest in this photo is his Gran (Victoria Lawrence) holding the blanket at the top of the picture.  

Also in the photo are Ted Beeney and Rev. Cottam.  There are others who I think I recognise but am not sure.  Is there Bill Brabon, Bob Larkin and Molly Richardson?  Please let me know if you can help.

Another photo from the Castle Inn, again supplied by Martyn Lawrence.  This time we don't know the occasion but some familiar faces in the photo.
It must have been hot in that bar with all the people because the windows are open in the same position as the photo above.

Again, I can only recognise a few faces.  Fred Lawrence on the left, Ted Beeney, Bert Jones, Jack Austin and one eye of Bill Brabon.

Can anyone help with the rest?


This photo comes from Guinness Time Christmas 1960

Castle Hotel from the Elsam Photo Collection 

Joe and Elsie Mulhall at the Castle Inn

Photo from Nigel Hook

Joe and Elsie Mulhall Leaving Presentation by Maggie Hook

Photos from Nigel Hook

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