Visiting Hop Pickers

Camp Life

    It must be very difficult to imagine what life would have like in a hop picking camp.  One of the only ways of knowing would be the expereiences of those who had actually lived in them.  Hopefully, those who are old enough to remember will get in touch to let me have their experiences.  

    In the meantime here are some photos taken in the camp but they do seem to be somewhat posed.  The first two photos show a minister visiting the camp.  He was probably the minister of the area the pickers came from.  What the pictures do show is what the camp was like, the open fires for cooking and the corregated iron hopper huts.  The third photo shows an on site store taken from the inside looking out.  Note the small serving hatch well protected with chicken wire.

Camp Life 1

Christine Loughnane (nee Pursey) has identified her family in this photo.

From left to right: Gertie Pursey (mother), unknown minister, Jennifer Pursey (sister), Stevie Steed (cousin), Carole Pursey (sister) and Christine Pursey.

Camp Life 2

Same people as in the photograph above.

The Camp Shop