Wells Hop Picking Photos

Patricia Campe (Patty Crawley) has contacted me about the time her family came hop picking at Bodiam.  The family name was Crawley and her mother was a Wells.  They stayed mainly at Crainham Wood or Park Farm camps.  She has also sent me some of their photos and these can be seen below.

Patty and her two cousins at either Crainham Wood or Park Farm camp.

Jane Wells

Measuring the hops.

Left to right: Mick Wright, Jimmy Wells, Patsy Crawley, Bill Dawson, Jane Wells & Patty Crawley

Rosie Crawley (nee Wells) [Patty's mother]

Lally Farmer, Jane Wells, Eva Loodaman (the baby that Jane Wells is holding is Bill Wells, Patty's uncle)  This was about 1926.

Jane Wells in a pretend hop wedding

Back row: Jane Wells, Rosie Crawley, Helen Wells, bin man
Front row, Harry Duggan, Patsy Duggan, Nelly Duggan holding Mike Duggan and Chrissy Duggan right at front

My Uncle John Wells, Jane Wells, my nan, and my aunt Helen Wells. This would have been early 50's

Picking Hops
Clockwise from left: Billy Wells (Cousin), Alice Wells (aunt), Jane Wells (nan), Rosie Crawley (mum), Billy Wells (uncle), David Wells (cousin), Patty Crawley

Park Farm
Uncle Billy Wells

Park Farm
Uncle Billy Wells in front
Cousin David Wells at back

Park Farm
Front row: Billy Taylor?, Billy Wells (cousin), Janie Crawley (my sister), Dave Wells (cousin)
Back row; Girl unknown, girl unknown, Jane Wells (nan), girl unknown